Thursday 13 June 2013

Sparkly Crochet Shawl

At work we have this ..... let's call it yarn, called "Firefly".

It is by Sirdar and comes in a range of gorgeous sparkly colourways.

I thought I should make something from it to showcase how nice it can be.

I  know, a shawl! A pretty, slinky, sparkly evening shawl to go over that pretty summer party dress.

Want to make one too?  Here is the pattern for you then.

You will need:

  • 3 x 50g balls Firefly Yarn  (if you want to do the fringing you will break into a 4th ball)
  • Size 5.5mm crochet hook.
  • Approx 150 beads with 1mm holes.

What you do:

*This pattern is written in UK Crochet terms.
  • Crochet a foundation chain of 205 stitches
  • (Now this next row is a little tricky as you can barely see where the stitches should go, so just shove in your hook and it will be fine) Work a DC about 8 stitches from your hook.
  • Chain 5, work a DC about 4 stitches from you last DC.
  • Continue working across in this manner until you reach the end, finishing with a DC  (I had 65 chain loops at this point, don't panic if it is a few more or less.
  • ***Turn your work and slip stitch across the first chain loop to reach the centre.
  • Chain 5 then DC into the next chain loop.
  • Repeat all the way across, then when at the last chain loop, DC into it and turn.
  • Repeat from *** until you only have one pattern loop left, break of your yarn and sew in the end.
(Every row will decrease the pattern making the shawl come to a point at the bottom.

  • Cut the yarn at approx 6", thread it through an edge chain loop and tie securely in the centre of both the loop and the yarn.
  • Thread a bead onto both ends of yarn (I used a needle for this) and tie a good secure knot to stop the bead coming off.
  • Trim the yarn quite close to the knot and repeat all the way along both of the side edges.

You can add a button and a loop if you like, but I just used a shawl clip to fasten.

It's on display in Hobbycraft, Carlisle if you want to go and stroke it  :)

© S Simmons, 2013 


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