Thursday 31 January 2013


Following on from yesterdays blog where I showed you my home-made Pea, Mint & Mushroom risotto.

As stated the recipe serves two people, and as also stated I was the only one eating it so there was half of it leftover.

Decided to make arancini, which is basically little balls of rice with something in the middle - mozzarella cheese in this case.

I beat up an egg, mixed it in with the risotto mixture then formed it into a ball around a lump of mozzerella.  It was very messy and needed some good squashing to keep them nicely rounded.

Then I rolled them in breadcrumbs and fried them until golden brown on all sides.

I served it with a sauce made from some chopped tomatoes, with extra chilli and herbs, which complimented them perfectly.

Nom nom, will definitely make these again.

Look at the lovely melty cheese in the middle  :)

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