Monday, 28 January 2013

Chocolate & Lime Giveaway

A little giveaway for you.

Hand-made beadwoven bracelet in a milk chocolate and zesty lime colourway.

A fringed band topped with sparkling lime flowers and finished with 3 lime AB glass hearts that pass through a loop to fasten.

No metal pieces at all within this piece.

Would you like it?

If so you can let me know in a few different ways.  Either comment on this post within Blogger, comment in the Chatterbox in the Bead Buddies Forum, or look for the Chocolate & Lime Giveaway thread  on my Facebook page and pop a comment in there.

I will gather up all the names, pop them into a random name generator on Wednesday and it will pick a winner for me.  Everyone can enter  :)

Good luck.


  1. It's beautiful, Sooz. Of course I'd like it! And green is my favourite colour too, though I don't have enough green jewellery. In fact, I think I really need it ... Gimme! ;-)


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