Saturday, 26 January 2013

Yellow Bits

My cats eat Whiskas dried food and a few months ago they changed the recipe, removing the "yellow bits" which I believe are cheesy.  Millie is most upset, she loved her yellow bits (and she loved Charlie's yellow bits too!)  So I wrote to Whiskas on her behalf:

Dear Whiskas,

WHERE are my yellow bits?  Every night when my servants put down my food bowl I look for my yellow bits, but they are not there.   I stare for a while to make sure, then I stare at my servant and Meow loudly - "where are my yellow bits?", but he shakes his head and tells me there are no more yellow bits.   I walk away in disgust.

I love yellow bits, I always eat the yellow bits first, then I make the servant's other cat Professor Charlie Babbit swap bowls and I eat his yellow bits too, then I might nibble at the other bits.  Apparently it took my servants a long time to find a food that I would eat as I am hand-reared and supposedly quite fussy.  Now they are concerned as I am not eating my dinner, but why would I when there are no yellow bits?

Please bring back my yellow bits, life is just not the same without them.

Yours sincerely,

Millicent Moo (aka Millie)

This morning we picked up a parcel from the Post Office depot, the lady behind the counter was quite amused  :)

And a letter addressed to Millicent Moo.

It reads:

Meow Millicent Moo

I am sorry to hear how dissapointed you are with out new recipe mix.

We are always striving to provide the best meals for cats, ensuring it is nutritionally complete and delicious.

We have been making some improvements to the recipe and as part of the development we removed the pocket kibble as we found a new imporved kibble mix that would deliver all of your nutritional needs. It would appear that out of all the kibbles the pocket kibbles was your favourite.

Some cats were only eating these but leaving the other shapes, which meant that they weren't getting a full, balanced diet.

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us please be assured when we make any changes to recipes we always have the cats best interest in mind.

If you need any more help or advice, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Lots of purrs and meows.

On the front of the parcel was a letter addressed to us, it read:

Dear Servants,

This letter is only to be read by you, please don't let Millicent Moo see!

She emailed Whiskas to ask what we have done with the pocket kibble from our Whiskas Dry Complete.

It would appear that out of all the kibbles the pocket kibble Millicent Moo's favourite, it may be worth trying to soak the new kibble mix to enhance the smell of the food.

We also make Whiskas Temptations which are very similar to the pocket kibbles, however, they are intended as a treat only, so please only feed a few at a time. Let us warn you, keep them somewhere safe, cats really love their Temptations and we heard many tales from owner of cats doing almost anything to get their paws on them.

Although you can add Whiskas Temptations to the food, there is no need to do so and please remember that they are intended as a treat only, so it is important to encourage your cat to eat the other biscuits in their bowl so they get the complete and balanced meal they need.

Please find enclosed a tub of these for Millicent Moo.

She got a whole pot full of yellow bits  :)

Of which she was allowed a few, and she enjoyed them thoroughly.

Yay for Whiskas !


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