Saturday, 30 November 2013

Colourful Crocheted Coasters

This week, for some strange reason, I have been mainly crocheting coasters.

I needed something little to work on while waiting for new yarn to finish my bag project off  (photos coming soon) so grabbed some of these threads at Hobbycraft.

It is a slightly textured mercerised cotton and I like the multi-coloured ones, although I have done a glittery red one too.

I found loads of free vintage patterns HERE,  I had to browse through loads as nothing was quite rocking my boat.  However, after a while of reading I kinda knew what I needed to do and with a little adaptation I wrote a new pattern, using bits of others and putting them all together.

I will share it soon  :)

They are just so colourful, and the best bit is you can give them a wash if they get a bit grubby.

They are the prefect size for a mug and gives a layer of protection between your hot cup and your table  :) 

I just think they are so pretty, but I can't decide what colour to make for myself!

However, I have made a pair in shades of purples, pinks and blues for the Birthday Blog Box.

Check back for the pattern coming soon.....

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