Saturday, 23 November 2013

REVIEW - DMC Nordic Spirit - Aurora

You may recall I was sent a packet of yarns to review from DMC, well you should do it was only a few days ago  :)  If not you can find it HERE.

I had actually ran out of yarn to do the project I was working on and I was too blooming lazy to get myself off the sofa and upstairs to grab a new ball, so I decided I would try something from the packet, which was still sitting on the sofa where I had abandoned it a day earlier.

I thought this one was as good as any.... but what to make?  There was just one 50g ball of it and having worked in Super Chunky weight before, I knew it wasn't going to go far.

The yarn is a 50% wool 50% hypo-allergenic poly-acrylic microfibre  (that's a mouthful isn't it?) and I have to say it feels incredibly soft and cosy - the kind of thing you want to bury your face in and smooch it all about.  You've done that, right?

Google was not my friend that evening, try as I might I could not find a one ball pattern for a Super Chunky yarn weight, so I had to make one up.

I decided on one of those ear-warmer head band things.  On making it I thought it could have done with an extra stitch in each row as it looked a little thin, but seeing it on my beautiful model  (my daughter, Shona) it looks ok as it is, besides there wouldn't have been enough yarn for that extra row of stitches.  There was around 15" of yarn left after I had finished.

I used a 20mm crochet hook  (it's a whopper!) and here is the pattern for if you want to make yourself one.
  • CH 6
  • DC into the 2nd CH from the hook, then DC across  (4 stitches)
  • CH 2 then DC across  (4 stitches)
  • Continue until it is a snug fit around your head.

TIP: Don't make it too baggy or it will slip down over your eyes and you will not be able to see anything, wouldn't want you walking into a wall or anything  ;)

A few questions to myself then.
Did you like it?  Yeah, it was soft, snuggly, warm.  Lovely colourways, the one I used was 138, but they all look very pretty to me.

Would you buy it?  Probably not in all honesty, but only because it doesn't go very far at all so making something like a jumper would work out very expensive.
Any bad points? 50g doesn't go very far.

I am going to pop this cosy little winter accessory in the Birthday Blog Box  :)

Disclaimer:  I was sent this yarn (and others) by DMC to review, the points I make are wholly my own and I am not required or asked to give a good review, just an honest one.

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