Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Etterby Street window

Let me tell you a story...... are you sitting comfortably?

A few streets away from where we live there is a road called Etterby Street.  On this road are various terrace houses, and the odd few semi's too, but mainly terraces.

One particular house homes a lovely lady called Hilary who makes the most marvellous window displays for all to admire as they pass by.

For years, while driving the kids to school, we used to slow down past this little house and hope that the traffic lights would be kind and let us stop outside so we could get a good look.  The displays change quite regularly.  The usual themes of Christmas, Easter, Halloween, along with 'Back To Skool', snowmen and cartoon characters.  You never knew what you would see as you went past.

I know, it's very rude to stare in people's windows, but so much effort goes into these displays that it would be ruder not to!  And besides, you can't really see inside as there is so much to look at in the window itself.

Until now.....

Hilary had an open day.   This was because a children's book has been written about her wonderful window, called "Joe And The Window" written by Sue Fox, illustrated by Irene Sanderson.

Well, having seen the outside of her window for many years, I just could not miss the opportunity to go and see what other fabulous treasures the house held.  I wasn't disappointed.  Not only was the doors to this house thrown open, but there was tea, wine and some yummy looking food to be had too.  Pity I had just eaten :/   

Even though we were complete strangers, we were greeted as friends.  It was so so lovely to meet the lady whose 'work' we had been admiring for many years.

Have a little look yourself....

The outside of the terrace house in Etterby Street, with the now famous window.

Shall we go inside?

Treasures upon treasures of wonderful bits and bobs.  I would LOVE a house like this.

A cat, on a mat, with bugs on his back.

Follow me into the garden.  Shona noted how wonderful it would be to have an Easter Egg hunt in this garden.

 (It's a mirror)

Even the greenhouse has had the rainbow treatment.

And of course, how could I possibly leave without seeing the other side of the window?

I bought a signed copy of the book while I was there, a total bargain at just £6.00 - and such a good story too.  Buy one for your kid's/grand-kid's or even just for yourself, like I did.

(Some of the proceeds from the book will go to MOET (an orphan school) and MACOBO (a rural community project) in Malawi.)

You can buy the book from the following stockists...

Penrith at Wordsworth bookshop and Rheged.
Carlisle from Bookends, Stanwix News, Walby Farm Park, The Bobbin, Jiggery Pokery, Sali's Hair Studio Etterby Street.

Or from susan.fox18@virginmedia.com

Oh, and Hilary, if you are reading this - the Police officers on duty in that area on the night of the Fireshow loved the Halloween themed window, they stopped to have a good look on their way past  :)


  1. oh how could i have missed this! would have loved to go n see the house inside, and its wonderful creator!

  2. I love the inside of this house ... you are right, I want to live in a house like that too! My favourite ... you guessed it ...the "Mad Hatter sign" lol ...

  3. Oh wow, what a wonderful house Hillary has, so much to look at and take in :) xx

  4. It felt so warmly and homely too. Loved it.

  5. This is fantastic will definitely purchase a book for me and my boys 😁


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