Friday, 29 November 2013

Sirdar Aruba Scarf Yarn

Aruba Aruba........ (did you finish it off?  I know it's Ariba, but it's close enough)  ;)

Anywhooo, landing in Hobbycraft last week was the biggest bag of new yarn - this one, in lots of different colours.  When new yarn lands it takes me all my time not to dive in the bags and have a good rummage about.  

But this one certainly got my attention with it's curls and blusters of colourfulness.

It is Aruba, by Sirdar, and it is a 100% polyester yarn.  It is a 100g ball, which is enough to knit a scarf.  The pattern is on the inside of the ball band.  Basically though, it's just pick up 6 stitches and knit.....

It is simple enough to knit, you just have to get the normal knitting technique of your head and do something slightly different.  Instead of wrapping the whole strand around your needle, you just have to insert the needle into the holes provided.   This technique is NOT for speed knitters, it takes time to find those pesky little holes.  And casting off is a bit odd too - well not actually the casting off bit, but what do you do with the tail?  It's not as if you can sew it in, so I just cut it as close to the last cast of stitch and knotted it a little.

Makes a nice tactile scarf though, not quite enough to do that thing where you fold it in half and bring the ends through the loop, but enough to throw one end over your shoulder in a seductive manner.  (If that's your thing)

It's on display in Carlisle Hobbycraft, if you want to go and stroke it  ;)

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