Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My day in photos

I thought, for something different, I would take a photograph, every hour, on the hour.  Even if I wasn't doing anything exciting.

9.00am - The bedroom window, in the semi-dark,  wake up, snap a photo, attempt to go back to sleep - doesn't work, get up.

10.00am.  Painting styrofoam frames, for a little plan I have at work to spruce up the "classes shelf"

11.00am.  Watching Jerermy Kyle on Sky+1.  What's more chav-like than watching Jerermy Kyle?  Watching it one hour later.  In my defence, I was Shona sitting - as she is recovering from a tonsillectomy and has been a bit sick this morning.  Jeremy Kyle - the show that shows you where your taxes go ;)

So here is an extra photo.  One sickly child (age 20) with a heated bear on her sore face and neck, searching for shoes on her iPad - which goes to prove you can never be too sick to shoe shop!  (Yep, that's a sick bucket by her side). At least the rainbow ripple blanket is getting used

12.00am.  Blog writing. I try and get a blog post out every day, not sure if even half of them are interesting (much like this one perhaps) but I like it  :)

1.00pm.  In The Shed, packing up some orders.  I only have a few a day, thankfully, but I really do need to get some of this stock shifted.

2.00pm. Lunch time. I go to get a bowl of delicious home-made lentil soup, that my Mum brought over yesterday, but someone's beaten me to it. Wonder who that might be :/

3.00pm. No: 1 son, Iain & his girlfriend Helena, came round for a brew. Millie got straight up on Iain's knee, she misses him. I said "Got to take a photo of you for my blog", this is the result,

4.00pm.  Working on a Soutache sample for Bead & Banter class tonight - always leave everything to the last minute. I am sure people think I am extremely well prepared for everything, the truth is I'm not!  ever!

5.00pm.  Went to Aldi to get some bits to make more Fridge Cake, seen as the last lot was so popular.  Going to try some different recipes so watch this space.   (Forgot syrup, so won't be making those tonight!)

6.00pm. At Hobbycraft for Bead & Banter.  Two new ladies tonight, so big shout out to Claire and Joan  :)

7.00pm. Still working, some attempting some Soutache, others doing their own thing.

8.00pm.  A quick sit down with the new issue of Carlisle Living.  Actually, I didn't get to read any of it as I pottered about washing dishes and stuff instead.

9.00pm.  Decided to go to the local pub, The Gosling Bridge, for tea.  Otherwise the Hubster & I barely talk to each other.  He does his thing, I do mine, so we have 'date nights' instead.

I had Cauliflower Cheese Tart & Chips with salad, they forgot to take the onions off the salad - that's what is piled up on the napkin behind.  He had fish & chips.

10.00pm. Sat down, watching TV and crocheting.

11.00pm.  Bed time, Hubster works an hour from home so has to get to bed in good time, I am a bit of a night owl and can stay awake for hours so use that time to do a bit of internet browsing and Candy Crush playing  :)
Tonight I am looking for crochet patterns on Red Heart.

Goodnight all  :)


  1. I am nosy enough to enjoy blog entries like this LoL ... or is it that I am sad ... no ... I quite like to see how folk live and what they do for real in their life :)


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