Sunday 3 November 2013

Malty, minty, chocolate fridge cake

I have it confirmed from a very good source (my No:1 son) that this sweet treat is very yummy indeed.  I have also been told that another sweet-toothed person would happily "eat their body weight in it", so I am guessing it might be a hit in your house too.

It is a no cook, easy-to-make, fridge cake.  Wanna try it?  Course you do.

You will need:
  • 250g Digestive biscuits (or hob nobs, or any kind of plain biscuit really)
  • 88g bag of maltesers  (or roughly thereabouts once you have nibbled a few)
  • 300g chocolate
  • 60g of minty matchmakers  (or equivalent)
  • 200g Golden Syrup
  • 100g Butter
What you do:
  • Crush the biscuits up with the end of a rolling pin, you want smallish bits but not too powdery.

  • Break up your chocolate into a microwaveable bowl.  What I used is Aldi's own at just 30p a bar.  I love how they market it as an "Everyday Essential".  I mix Milk with Dark as I am not a massive Dark chocolate lover.

  • Add the syrup and butter to the bowl.  TIP:  To get the syrup out of the tin easier, heat up a spoon, you will find it just slides off.

  • Pop into the microwave on a low settings, just give it 30 second blasts, remove and stir in-between each blast.

  • Weigh out your maltesters and minty sticks, breaking the sticks into smaller bits.

  • Dump the melted chocolate mix and the sweets in with the crushed biscuits and give it a good mix until all the biscuits are coated.

  • Watch as the maltesters suddenly become naked!  Whit whooo....

  • Line a dish with foil - you can use a square dish, a pie-dish, a baking tray - whatever, it will all work - then stick it in the fridge for an hour or so.

  • Slice.

  • and serve.

Oh, by the way, these are very diet friendly - the maltesters are so light that they weigh nothing so therefore don't have any calories, the minty sticks contain mint, which is green, so therefore one of your 5-a-day.  The chocolate is made from cocoa beans, beans are pulses and good for you, we can ignore the syrup and butter as they are just minor ingredients, and digestives are almost savoury so they don't count either.



  1. These look yum! will def be making them and if they are diet friendly then surely it is fine to eat the whole thing myself! perfect. x

  2. Of course it is, you wouldn't want to share something so delicious now, would you?

  3. I like your rationale for eating these as much as I do the recipe!


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