Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Felt Christmas Tree Decos

Yesterday I did a little workshop at Hobbycraft on Felt Christmas Decorations.  We had such fun putting them together and adding embellishments.

I might make some little kits up for these for next year, if I 'd have been on the ball I might have got them done for this year... but you know me!

Anyone for pudding?

S is for Sooz  :)

It's a bauble and the white stitch is supposed to be a reflective shine  :)

Creepy or cute?

Every Christmas tree needs a Christmas tree....

Can't leave the dog out  ;)

An all your round Xmas ornament.

And because it is not too Christmassy, I am going to pop the red folky heart into the Birthday Blog Blox!

If you have lost track of what is now in the box,  you can see each item on my Facebook page HERE.

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