Sunday 24 February 2013

Baked Brie

Yesterday I went to  my parents house for a cuppa.

My Mother disappeared into the kitchen to make the brew, returning with a cup in one hand and a wedge of Brie in the other!!

Daddy L's face was a picture, "That's MY cheese" he said.  She told him that they couldn't possible eat all the cheese they had in the fridge and that I would use it quicker  :)

So I pocketed it rather quickly.

That evening I decided I would bake it in pastry.

So, what you do is.....

Grab a wedge of Brie and a packet of puff pastry.

Roll the pastry, plop the Brie on top and smother with something... I used chilli and lime relish.  But you could use cranberry jelly, or redcurrant jam.

Bring the edges up into a nice rustic messy pie, dampen the edges and squidge close.

Bake with the seam down for around 25 mins at Gas 6, or until nice and golden.

Eat with lots of iceberg lettuce  :)  (serves 2)

After eating, I did text Daddy L to let him know how delicious his cheese was  ;)

(My photos seem to be awful these days, my little snappy camera seems to be not focusing properly, perhaps it's time for a new one.)

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