Tuesday 8 October 2013

Crochet along .... Mandala (2)

Welcome back to Crochet along....  :)  Hehe, I said that out loud and it didn't sound like me at all!

So, if you took part in Crochet along...Mandala (1) you should now be at this stage...

Today we are going to add a few rows to that.  Today we will be using Chain Stitch (CH), Double Crochet (DC) Half Treble (HTR).

Half Treble is where you start to do a Treble stitch, put your hook through your work, pull yarn through leaving three loops on your hook, then wind your yarn over your hook and pull through all three stitches at once.  It is slightly higher than a double and slightly smaller than a treble.

Cut and finish off the colour after each round.

  • We are going to start in a slightly different position today, instead of starting in the row last done, we are going to drop down to the row before that, a row of TC.  Insert your hook in-between two clusters of TC-4's and join the yarn.

  • CH-8, then DC into the next space along.

  • * CH-7, then DC into the next space along.
  • Repeat from * finishing with a SS into the first CH at the start.

  • Add a new colour into any of the chain loops, CH-2 then do DC-5 into the same loop.

  • ** DC-6 into the next loop.
  • Repeat from ** in all the loops, join with a SS at the end of the round.  (72 stitches)

  • Add a new colour in-between the clusters of DC-6.

  • CH-4, then TR-1 into the same space.  CH-1, TR-1 into the same space.  (this gives a cluster of 3 Trebles with Chains inbetween.

  • *** Now working inbetween the DC-6 of the previous row, insert your hook into the cluster with DC-3 each side.  Work TR-1, CH-1, TR-1 into that same space.

  • Into the next space between DC-6 clusters work TR-1, CH-1, TR-1, CH-1, TR-1 into the same space.
  • Repeat from *** to end, SS to join.  (96 stitches)

  • Join a new colour into any stitch and working into the BACK of the loops DC all the way round (96 stitches)

That's the end of Part two.  Part three coming soon  :)

Previous parts can be found by clicking on the links below:

Remember, anyone who joins in with this crochet along and provides a photo at the end will be entered into a competition to win a lovely prize of a full set of coloured crochet hooks in a case just like this one...


  1. ohhh ... and that part has been finished ... is there a part 3 ??

  2. There is indeed....


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