Monday 14 October 2013

Crocheted Christmas Bells

All join in....... "Ding Dong merrily on high"   Ok then, fair enough.

Actually I am not Christmas minded myself, in fact I am a really 'Bah Humbug' type of person, but when I saw some Styrofoam bell forms come into Hobbycraft I just knew I had to do something with them.

Crochet, of course.  I had some green, colour-changing, sparkly yarn left over from the Leafy Scarf project which I thought would do very nicely.

Professor Charlie Babbit decided he would be the guardian of the bells, while I worked.

Don't touch the bells!
So, I crocheted round the form, but what was puzzling was that everytime I took it off to do a row then tried it on the bell again, it was either too small or too big.  I pulled it out three times before I realised there was two different sized bells in the packet!!  D'oh.

Anyway, bells done, time to add a donger.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will recognise this picture.  My daughter Shona picked these up off the sofa and asked what they were, so I told her they were fingertip warmers.  We had a discussion about what a great idea they were  - well, she didn't, she told me it was a stupid idea and it would never take off!   But I swear I had her going for a while.

Dongers in place, frills in place, hanging thread made - jobs a gud 'un.


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