Sunday 6 October 2013

Crochet along .... Mandala (1)

A few of you expressed an interest in joining in with a "Crochet along.." so here it is.  This is No:1, the rest will be numbered as we go, do look out for them.

This pattern will be written in UK English terms.  Patterns written in US English terms often contain the same abbreviations but the stitches differ slightly.

We will be working on a Mandala, incorporating different stitches which I will explain as we go.  You can't see the finished project, as there is no finished project, I will be working on it one step ahead of you working on it, so at this moment in time there is no set plan and it could end up as almost anything!

Today though, it should end up looking something like this...

So, let's begin.

We are going to be using a Magic Ring, Slip Stitch (SS) then Chain Stitch (CH) Double Crochet (DC) and Treble Crochet (TR) .
  • Make a Magic Ring.
  • CH-3 (this counts as your 1st TR) then TR-11 into the ring.  (12 stitches)

  • Pull the ring tight and SS into the first stitch to join.

  • * CH-11 then SS into the next TR of the previous row.
  • Repeat from * all the way round, you should have 12 loops.

  • To finish a colour, make one chain stitch after you have finished your round, cut of the yarn and pull that chain up and out, this should form a knot.
  • Add a new colour into one of the 12 loops by pulling the yarn through, wrapping BOTH strands around your hook and pulling them through to make a chain, drop the tail end and continue working.  Sew in the tail later.
  • CH-3, then into the SAME loop make TR-3  (this gives you TR-4 into that loop)

  • ** Into the next loop TR-4.

  • Repeat from ** using all the loops, then SS to join into the first stitch.  (48 stitches)  Fasten off.

  • This row we are going to work into the BACK of the loops, see photos below for where to place your hook.   The first photo shows where you would normally insert, the second is where you are going to insert this round.  This technique forms a nice ridge around your work to give a little pattern.

  • Join your yarn into any of the stitches and work a DC all the way around.  SS to join (48 stitches)

I hope you enjoyed that, Part 2 is coming soon  :)

Anyone who joins in with this crochet along and provides a photo at the end will be entered into a competition to win a lovely prize of a full set of coloured crochet hooks in a case just like this one...


  1. I know I am late, but I have been away until just now ... I am in though and will start tonight while watching Downton :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing more!
    Will try and attempt a few if I can, i'm still baffled by instructions and what-not but am determined to get better.

  3. Can't wait to see them all :)

  4. well ... lesson one done ... can't wait for lesson two (and Downton hasn't even started yet LOL)

  5. Haha, no stopping you is there Margret? Lesson 2 will be along shortly.


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