Tuesday 29 October 2013

Shona's Ripple Blanket

On Friday 15th February 2013 I started a blanket for my daughter.

It was to be a colourful rainbow, I chose ten Hayfield Bonus DK colours and got to work.  I do like the Hayfield Bonus range,  it's a great washer and has a lovely colour range.

Some months later in July 2013 I had reached this stage.

Still not quite big enough to be a blanket, still some way to go.

A couple of weeks ago Shona found out she was to go into hospital for her tonsils out, and she made a request that her blanket was to be finished so she could snuggle in it to recuperate.  Even though she is 20 years old, she is still my little girl and how could I refuse?  I picked up my hook.

After a good few hours I decided it was long enough and began the edging.

Then there was the sewing in of the ends!  This took my 3 hours in total and gave my a blister on my finger from the sewing needle rubbing.  (Don't you just love blisters, the way they wobble about?   No?  Just me then!)

I decided to finish it off with a darker edging, so went back and did another round..... then another.

It still looked unfinished, so I edged it with a Crab Stitch - this is basically crocheting backwards and it adds a lovely braided edge.

It was now big enough to keep my feet warm while I worked  :)

At last, it was finished.  I feel elated, but a little bereft that I will no longer be working on this madly colourful blanket.

Now all we need is for those pesky tonsils to come out and she can take great comfort in snuggling up in it  :)


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