Saturday 12 October 2013

Owl Obsession blanket.

Remember the Cocoon I made for Baby Daisy?  I mentioned that I had also made the mum-to-be a surprise gift, well here is it....

It is the most marvelous pattern called "Owl Obsession" by Marken of The Hat and I.

First of all I had to find a nice yarn.  Pink?  nah,  Lemon?  nah, Blue?  NO!  how about rainbow glittery?  Well, yes of course, every girl has to have some rainbowy glitter in their lives.

I got to start on a load of rainbow discs.

Some had owl ears, some had not.

Then it was smaller rounds surrounded by white to make a square.

Adding the white octagon shape to the owl.

Arranging colours so they are not too clumped together.   At this stage I decided I didn't want it to be square, but rectangle, so I went away and made a few more components.

Sewn together (Lots of ends to sew in.....LOTS!)

Eye time, 24 little white discs.

The pattern said to sew buttons on for the black bits of the eyes, but as it was for a new born I thought it best to crochet some instead.

Some have straight eyes, some have crossed eyes, some are looking up, others are looking down.  The eyes look everywhere!

I wasn't really satisfied with the finished item, it looked a bit..... unfinished.  So I added a frill in the same rainbow glittery yarn.

Ta dah....

I am pleased to say that mum-to-be was chuffed to bits with it. I am glad, I might have had to take it back otherwise  ;)

You can find the pattern HERE on Ravelry and HERE on Etsy.


  1. boy do I love that ... what a brilliant idea !!!

  2. Oh I love this!
    I favourited one on Etsy just yesterday, but yours is so much cuter! *want!*

  3. It's the glittery yarn that does it :)

  4. So cute! Are you making one for yourself? It would complement the owls you made for charity beautifully.

  5. I might do one day Sandie, once I have exhausted my "to do" list :)

  6. Hi , i also made this baby blancket (i did not bought the pattern) made it with looking at the picture

    you can have a look , i put it on my blog


  7. It's gorgeous! Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. i adore this. could you please tell me where i can find this rainbow glittery yarn?

  9. i adore this! could you please tell me where i could find the rainbow glittery yarn?


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