Monday 16 November 2009

Stained Glass Course with Mo Wallis

Just had an exciting weekend.

Once a year, myself and my good mate Carol, go off on a Jolly, I mean an educational trip to learn something new about glass :)

This year we decided on Stained Glass, both of us make beads, and fuse, so now it was time to learn another glassy skill.

We found a fabulous stained glass worker called Mo Wallis (check out her website and booked a two day course with her.

I have to say, it was worth every penny. We did copper foiling stained glass.

So, first I drew a design - I thought it was childish, but Mo said I was a "naive artist" :)

Then came the tricky but of cutting the glass, I am used to cutting glass in straight lines for pendants etc... so this was a little different.

After grinding down all the edges of each piece, it was time to copper foil them, this is a self-adhesive foil which was stuck firmly to each and every piece.

After tacking it together with masking tape, it was time to solder the gaps.

Wow, this was tricky, it took a while to master, and it still looks a little rough in place. You have to do both sides, my reverse side was a bit better than the front, so I have turned it round to display :)

Finally, it was edged in lead, then given a coat of black patina to make the bright shiny solder look more antique.

Taaa Daaaa, the finished piece. I have to say, I was quite chuffed with myself.