Monday 5 December 2016

How to make a Proddy Rag Wreath

These proddy wreaths are so much fun to make - easy to do with just a little preparation time, and the best thing is, you can make them from recycled shirts too!!

So, first of all, find yourself a polystyrene wreath - the choice of size is up to you.  The bigger the ring, the more fabric you will need.
You will also need PVA glue, a paint brush, and your fabric.

I would say half a meter of fabric for a 250mm ring to work 4 rows.

Cut the fabric up into 2.5cm (1") squares - you don't have to be too fussy as the finished look is 'raggy', but keep them roughly the same size.

Take a paint brush (the handle end) or an old knitting needle, dip into the PVA glue and make a hole, not deeper than 1cm, into the centre of the wreath ring.

Now, take a square of fabric, position it over the hole, dip your brush back in the glue and poke the centre of the fabric into the hole.

Add another piece a centimetre away..... and another.....

Continue adding the rags at one centimetre intervals all the way around.

Add a row inside and an row outside the original row.

You might want to add more rows if you wish, and even cover the whole ring, but as one side will be against a door or wall, there isn't really any need.

Add a ribbon loop to hang and there you have it - a beautiful rag wreath with not a lot of effort.

Fun wasn't it?

If you prefer to watch a video of this tutorial, you can find it over on my You Tube channel HERE.

Thursday 1 December 2016

Cute Christmas Purses - free tutorial

Sometimes you just don't know what to buy someone for Christmas so you end up giving them money.

But money just seems a bit impersonal, don't you think?  Obviously very useful, but it can look like there has been very little effort or thought when you give money - in fact, the opposite is probably true, you have probably spent so much time thinking and rejecting ideas that by the time you decide to give some money it is the best idea ever!!

Anyway, to make your gift of money look a little more exciting, why not make a cute purse from Christmas Fabric to pop it in?  They will get a lovely hand-made gift then too.

Fully lined, with a zip, you can whip these cuties up in no time - about 30 minutes all in.

I have popped some instructions for you below.  Let me know if you make some wont you?

How to make:  (use a 10mm seam allowance throughout)
  1. ·         Take your zip and measure the outer fabric to match it.  Cut two pieces of fabric the length of the zip and whatever depth you wish to make.
  2. ·         Cut two more pieces the same size for the lining.
  3. ·         Place the outer fabric on the desk facing UP, place the zip on the top edge facing DOWN, place the lining on top to match facing DOWN.  The zip will now be sandwiched in-between the two fabrics.
  4. ·         Using a zipper foot, sew carefully down the zip line. You will have to stop half way, put your needle down, lift your presser foot and close or open the zip to enable a neat line across.
  5. ·         Open up the pieces and place them back to back with the zip facing up at the top.
  6. ·         Place the 2nd piece of outer fabric on the desk facing UP, place the zip on the top edge facing DOWN, place the lining on top to match facing DOWN.  The zip will now, again, be sandwiched in-between the two new pieces of fabric.  Sew it as before.
  7. ·         Open the layers, open the zip half way, and place the outer together RIGHT SIDE TO RIGHT SIDE, and the inner together RIGHT SIDE TO RIGHT SIDE. Pin or clip the sides of the zips making sure the zip edges face DOWN into the lining fabric side.
  8. ·         Pin or clip around to hold it all in place, change to a regular presser foot then sew all the way around, but leave a small gap in the bottom edge of the lining for turning.
  9. ·         Clip the corners and trim away any access, then turn the right way in.  Sew a neat line across the bottom of the lining to close the gap before tucking the lining into the pouch.