Tuesday 6 December 2011

My Sajen Collection.

I was introduced to Sajen pieces by a friend, and how I love them.  I would have loads more if I had lots of pennies, but until then I have to make do with the three pieces I have.

Recently, as I have been wearing one all the time, I keep getting asked about them, so thought I would share...

They are made from Silver or Gold, richly adorned with gemstones. Designed by Marianna and Richard Jacobs and hand-made by bali artisans - you can find their website here...


The first two pieces I had are quite large and I never had a chain thick enough to look good with them.

This was my first piece...

Followed by this gorgeous moon shaped one.

My Mum asked me last year what I wanted for my birthday, so I suggested she might buy me a thick silver chain to display my pendants on.  She actually bought be a wonderful (and expensive) Pandora chain, of course I was delighted with it, and strung a pendant on it right away.

Unfortunately though, these are not the kind of pendants you can wear everyday - or rather, overnight, on bed.  And I am a lazy type of person who likes to keep jewellery on for weeks.  So the hunt was on to find a Sajen piece that I could wear every day.

I found this one on eBay, a stunning piece with an amethyst goddess face and a stunning pink stone that changes colour to purple or blue when I move.

I have a search in on eBay for a nice ring now ;)  Don't go bidding against me if you search though  :)