Monday 29 February 2016

Teen Stitchers Sewing Course

Just after Christmas I started a "Teen Stitchers" course for young folks, wanting to learn how to use a sewing machine.

There were four girls in total, two 10 year old, an 11 year old and a 14 year old.

On the first session they all learnt how to wind a bobbin, change a needle, thread the machine, change stitches etc....  and they all seemed very competent so I set them off on their first project.

Bunting!  They got to choose their own fabrics, make themselves a template then cut out the pieces before sewing them neatly in place along their cosgrain ribbon tape.  (the ribbon has "Handmade by Me" printed along it)

The following week was cushion covers.  First they made a cushion pad from sheeting, then using that size as a guide they then made the cover to go over it.   The pieces were cut and sewn back together with ribbon edging to embellish. 

They did actually all start off with the same size pattern, but different cutting styles ended up making them all a bit different   ;)

The next week was supposed to be a simple stuffed animal, but when I thought about it I thought I needed to up the ante a bit as these girls were quite clever and very adept.

So I designed a stuffed owl, but with appliquéd patches for eyes, tummy and beak.  They also had to learn how to add a pair of wings, then stuff and finish with a bit of hand sewing to close gaps and add buttons for eyes.

I am very impressed by these, I have to say.

The final week was a "Tool Roll", I asked them to bring what they would like to store in their rolls, so had paint brushes, pens, pencils and make-up brushes.

Again, they chose all their own fabrics and trimmings and went away very happy with their very own hand-made tool storage rolls.

It was an absolute pleasure to teach these young ladies, and I do hope they will continue to use their machines and make lots of lovely things in the future.

Saturday 27 February 2016

It's been ages.....

I don't think I have ever left it a month to blog, a week at worst, but a month?

I mean, where did that month go?  Who stole it?  In fact, where did the last TWO months go since Christmas.  

They say the years get faster as you get older... well, I must be getting really old now then as they are just zipping on by.

So, this post is an apology post really.  I AM still here, working away at new patterns, running workshops, making things, being crafty - I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day to write about it all too.

There are numerous blogs in my draft box, waiting to be properly written up.  The photos are there, just need to put words in.   The worst thing is, as time goes by some become irrelevant then have to be deleted, it seems such a waste.

I have done loads in the last month.  I was invited to the Harris Tweed exhibition at Rheged, and met Patrick Grant!   I'll tell you more about that later.
I have also run some Kid's Clubs and Young Folk sessions in the half-term - I will tell you more about that later too.
I am also planning a tour around a few Hobbycrafts in April with my Crochet Fireworks Blanket.  Crewe, Droitwich, Bicester, Derby are booked at the moment, there may be more added later.

Do bear with me, I will be back up and running soon enough I am sure   :)