Wednesday 28 February 2018

A bought a sewing box...

Yes, I bought a sewing box... no that exciting you might think, but this is a proper nice sewing box.

I didn't need a sewing box, in fact I am really not sure what I am going to do with it, but I failed to resist when it popped up on a Facebook selling page.

I can't resist old things, I am often buying old bits and pieces - for no apparent reason, just because I am fascinated with the history.  Of course, I never get to find out the actual history so I just have to imagine.  It is a Morco sewing box, which seem to have been quite a popular make. Certainly strong and sturdy.

This sewing box though was full of bits.  Bits that weren't quite as old as the box itself, but oldish.

I may be far out but I reckoned from the style of the box, it might have been around 1940's - if anyone knows any different please let me know.

I was thrilled to find some old needles and pins in the lid of the box.  One looks like a weapon of torture, when it is just a leather needle.  But so old, and dark and just quite lovely.

And those hat pins...... my Nana used to wear hat pins.  Do people still?

Look at this old knitting pattern too.  6d it cost, which I have absolutely no idea what that would be worth in today's money. I have even Googled and the numbers boggled my brain.  But today's patterns cost about £3.00 each so sixpence seems rather cheap.

There was also bits of fabric and various bits of lace.   Press-studs bought at 39p from Woolworths and some old buttons that had been cut off old clothing - no one seems to do that any more.

I paid the grand price of just £20.00 for this beauty.  I am now deciding whether to upcycle it, restore it or just use it as it is.  What do you think?