Thursday 4 March 2021

Felting my shed roof.

I have been pondering over what to do about the roof on my mini shed.  I really wanted it to look like a shed roof, but roofing felt was a bit thick and expensive as you can’t seem to purchase it in small amounts.

It was then my son, who is a skateboarder, suggested I used the grip tape that skateboarders use on their boards. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, so he pointed me to a website where I bought four strips.

The lovely thing about this stuff was that is was also self-adhesive, so really easy to put on…  just removed the backing and smooth down. 

‘Smooth down’ might sound easier than it was – the tape it by no means smooth, it’s like a rough sandpaper, so smoothing it down was a bit hard on the hands, but I found if I used the backing tape inbetween my hands and the grip tape I could do it without much trauma to my hands.

But all in all it was relatively easy to do, I tucked the edges underneath the roof and stuck them down.

All done… but the seams seemed to be lifting a little.  I guess that this tape is not designed to overlap.  I decided I would pop a bit of hot glue on in the morning, but by the time the morning had been and gone and the sun had come through the conservatory window and heated up the tape, it seemed to stick itself down  😊 

So, all in all I was quite pleased with that result.  It actually looks like a proper shed roof now.

It took me about an hour to do this part, so in total that makes 45 hours work so far.