Monday 10 May 2021

Working on a brand new Blanket Course.

 If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I have been busy with this cheeky little blanket. (as yet, still unfinished).

I wanted to create a Granny Square blanket.. but with a twist. So each square has something different going on.

This is going to be a course - probably about 14 weeks long I reckon, covering 10 different squares along with joining, edgings and borders. I would say 'Advanced' level, but for those wanting to try a little bit different.

Now, I know I will get asked for the pattern - and I always feel bad saying no.... the reason is this. I am not confident that my patterns will stand alone. I am a teacher not a pattern writer. My patterns are always written to be a REMINDER of what you learn in class.

I fear if I sell the pattern I will always be answering emails asking 'what does this mean?' and 'how do you do this bit?' .... and this is exactly why I offer my designs up as a course. I know I can spend the time explaining each part separately via video then, and be on hand to answer any questions after that via WhatsApp.

I try to price my courses at around £3.50 per session (which is a weekly update), which I think is pretty good value considering the time it takes me to put it together.

  • First I make the blanket. As I create each part I scribble down (in really bad shorthand) the pattern. Then I remake each piece to write down the pattern correctly.
  • Next I make it again but this time with the video camera on, explaining the steps as I go.
  • Then I edit all the swear words out.
  • Next I re-watch the video while making the piece again, to check the video works correctly.
  • The next step is to again watch the video while typing the pattern up in full so they both correlate with each other.
  • After that I add parts into the written pattern like colourways and little tricks.
  • Then I save it as a PDF so I can send it easier.
  • Next I upload the video to YouTube so I have a link to share with the course members.
  • A video is made separately for every part of the pattern, and for joining, edging , borders and anything else that might be needed. Patterns are written to match them all.
  • After that, I make the whole thing again, from scratch (usually in another colour) to check that it really does work.
  • THEN... I release it as a course. :)

Just thought you might be interested in the process and why it sometimes seems that I have disappeared - I have not, I am usually just working hard in the background.
And also why I feel my courses are good value for money. :)

Anyway, this particular course should be ready to go in the next couple of weeks. Shout back at me if you fancy it :)