Monday 27 April 2020

How to make a crochet wreath cover.

Hello Crafters,

I hope you are finding loads of projects to do during this lockdown period - although of course you might be a keyworker and working lots of hours, for that I praise and thank you.

I have been digging out lots of projects and finishing them off - and that makes me feel rather pleased with myself, let me tell you!!

But one evening, when I had finished the latest "Work In Progress" I had an hour or so before bedtime, but couldn't be bothered to find a new project, so I grabbed the rainbow yarn I was working with and started to crochet a cover for a styrofoam wreath.

People often seem surprised when I show them how to do these covers, they think there must be a lot of shaping involved when in fact there is none at all!

So, I have put it all in a video for you - all you need to do is a Double Crochet  (UK terms), it really is that simple.

Then once you have the cover done, you can decorate it in any way you like... bubbles, flowers, hangy things in the middle - the choice is yours!

Have a look at my video below and you should be able to make your own straight away.  I have added some photos below of my wreaths which you can use as inspiration.

Have fun!!