Saturday 25 November 2017

Proper busy......

I've been proper busy of late, running about like a blue-bummed fly.  Teaching this and that, making that and this.... I just don't know where the last few months have gone!

Hard to believe but we are heading for our first anniversary in The Shed.  Yep, it's been open a year in January.  A whole year of crafting and meeting new people - and what an exciting year it has been.

A few crafters and artist have now joined us to teach...

Carl Fitton is running a Learn To Draw course which has proved very popular. His second course is now fully booked and he is devising follow-on courses such as "Experiment with Colour".  I am in awe of the amazing drawings that people produced from Carl's excellent tuition.

And, no, that's not wine they're drinking - not at this class anyway - they are drawing the empty bottle  :)

Tracey Spurgin has also joined us this year. Tracey is a Precious Metal Clay artist and her work is phenomenal!   She has run two very successful workshops now and a third, on how to make silver rings, is booked for April.  These are very popular and book up quickly so if you fancy it, don't delay.

The last couple of classes were pendants and swing lockets...

Another fab class is the one run by Annis McGowan, she takes you through making the most gorgeous needle-felted animals.
Last time Annis taught how to make Herwick Sheep, she will be back in January to make Doorstop Owls!  So exciting.

Memory Bears are so 'in' at the moment, so we welcomed Anne Scott to The Shed to run a class on making these family heirlooms.  She will be back in the New Year to help you make your own.  Keep your eye on the website for dates.

And, I, myself, have been teaching all sorts - from Crochet to Stained Glass.
The Stained Glass 6 week course was really good, with all the ladies (shown here in their safety gear) designed and created their own A4 size stained glass panel.

This workshop will be back in January for another set of panel making.

And as I type this today, we have Tracey Rogers in, working hard and teaching people how to make the most gorgeous Christmas Cards.  I have just sneaked onto the craft floor for a few photos and it looks like things are going well. 

If you fancy learning something new next year, or if you want to join one of our regular craft groups, then you can go on our mailing list - we won't spam you, promise - by clicking HERE and asking to join, or check out the website.

If there is anything you have ever wanted to try, or if we keep running a class on days you cannot do - just drop us a message, we may be able to put something on to suit.

Happy Crafting...