Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Finished my Pottery Course

....and what a slog it was :) I have realised I am no good at this medium, I don't like the feel of the clay, I am not good at designing with my hands, and the glazes never turned out like I pictured they would. was a good experience if nothing else, and I have some ugly conversation points now.

And so the final finished objects, the old boot, turned out a bit too shiny for what I wanted, I initially wanted it to look like old leather freshly dug up from the ground having lain there for a good few years.

Then there is the cupcake, oh dear ! Not a huge success, the Cherry turned out pink, the pale lemon 'icing' too brightly yellow, and the paper case not quite white enough. Hard to please aint I ? :)

So onto pastures new, I love education of any description, I think everyone should grab as much and as many experiences as they can. Painting or French Language? Watch this space :)

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  1. well the cool thing is you tried it out and got a feel for it...I think you have done rather well for your first items...


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