Sunday, 20 September 2009

A Glut Of Gloves !

Having had no inspiration to bead for a little while, I took to knitting.

I am not a person who can just sit on the sofa, my hands always need to be busy, so I quite like Knitting, you can sit in front of the telly and mindlessly knit (as long as the pattern is simple of course).

These Gloves are incredibly easy to make (the pattern is in my blog somewhere if you want to have a go) and teamed with an extra large button (to help the wearer work out which way they go) they look quite funky too.

A girly night was planned last night, there are 6 of us that are a similar age, and meet up regularly to let our hair down, so I made them all a pair in "their" colours.

I wrapped them all in complimenting tissue paper with black ribbon, and wrote each one a Limerick about themselves which I tied on as a tag. They all seemed to like them lots :)

Result !

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