Friday, 26 August 2011

The Pink Rug Project

Just a quick blog on this new rug.

I wanted to make it totally from reclaimed t-shirts, as they are easy to cut, easy to prod, and feel lovely under the toes when you stand on the rug  :)

I chose pink colours, as this was a gift for my sister, and I actually started with three t-shirts she had given me to chop up, although she didn't realise that I would be starting a rug for her out of them.

In the end it took 30 t-shirts to complete, I trailed the charity shops and begged them from friends and neighbours.  There is even a starry patterned nighty in there!!!

A regular style t-shirt (Short sleeved) takes around half an hour to chop up into pieces, then about an hour to prod all the pieces into the hessian, and it makes about 1-2" in rug!!  So you can imagine a good few hours went into this project.

The rug is around a meter long by half a meter wide.


  1. Wouw, this is really a grat work! AND, we love pink!
    Happy reagrds from Germany
    Petra & Victor

  2. Thank you :) I might do one in purple soon.


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