Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Gill Curwen at Rag Rug Club.

A couple of years ago I decided I would like to try rag-rug making, so I managed to track down a local group that met up once a fortnight.  This group is part of the U3A, (University of the 3rd Age), and is run by a lovely rug maker called Judith Harrison.

I have made 3 or 4 rugs to date now, you can find them on my Opus Moon Facebook page.  I always use the proddy method, having never ventured into any of the other techniques.

About a year ago I was teaching at Higham Hall, and I got talking to another tutor who was also there that weekend.  It was Gill Curwen from Bapple & JoJo.  Gill makes rugs for a living and had a degree in rug making.  We kept in touch via Facebook and I asked her if she would come to our class to give a little talk and show off her work.

She very kindly agreed, and today was that day.

Walking into the room I was met by the most colourful array of gorgeous rugs.  I took a few photos, but I only had my phone with me so they are not the best quality pics.

I am jam packed full of new ideas and inspiration now, can't wait to start and put some of those ideas into action.

You can find more of Gill's work on her Facebook Page.


  1. Brilliant rugs. Looking forward to seeing what you make next after all this inspiration.


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