Sunday, 11 November 2012

Funky Knitted Headband.

I've noticed a few of these headbands around at the moment, so thought I would bash one out.

It's not something I would wear myself, but I think they look quite cool on younger people.

I totally love the Aran wool I made this one with, it's called Colourworks by Patons, and it is a lovely soft wool to work with.  The shade I used is a colour-changing blend called Orion.

It's a really easy design, done in K2 P2 rib througout, this means it will have a certain amount of stretch.  The added flower is a crocheted one, no design as such, simply a chain, joined in a ring, then treble stitched into it until it looks flowery.  If you cannot crochet, simply add a large focal button, or ribbon bow.

Here is a basic pattern for you, this was made for a smallish mannequin head for a display, so you might need to add a few more stitches to the cast on number.

Aran Headband.

You will need:
·         Pair of 6mm needles
·         Large hole darning needle
·         100g ball of Aran wool in the colour of your choice
·         Focal Button

·         Using the thumb method cast on 80 stitches for a small head, or 90-100 stitches for a larger head.
·         *K2 P2 (Repeat from * to end)
·         Repeat this pattern for 16 rows
·         Cast off
Add a crochet or knitted flower, or ribbon and a button for decoration.

If you ever make anything from my patterns, please do email them to me at, I would love to see them.

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