Monday 6 March 2023

CAL (crochet along) Log Cabin Mosaic Blanket - Week 1


Hello and welcome back to the Log Cabin Mosaic crochet blanket. This is Week ONE.  If you missed the intro you can go back HERE to find out all about it, including material lists etc.....

So, let's begin!   For week one you will need to make 9 squares in total.

Here is the square video....

And here is a handy little video for how to sew in your ends....

And here is your joining video....

IT IS IMPORTANT to join the strips as shown in the photos, as joining them to the wrong side will interrupt the pattern.

Week 1,  Using Colours A & B – make 4 squares & join into a square.

Using Colours A & C – make 5 squares & join in strips of 2 and 3.  

Then join the strips onto your original 4 square as shown in the photos below.

I hope that was easy enough for you, do contact me on or Facebook/Instagram @SoozinTheShed if you need any assistance.  Always happy to help.

Alternatively I would love to see your photos so tag me on Instagram or Tiktok @soozintheshed or using the hashtag #logcabincrochetwithsooz

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