Sunday, 28 June 2009

A Pink Rocking Chair.

My sister, Julie, always wanted a Pink Rocking Chair. I set myself a challenge to try and sort one for her.
When one came up on Freecycle, I emailed and luckily got it, the lady said it was in need of some TLC, so it sounded ideal for my project.

First, my son Iain stripped it down, got every tiny little bit of varnish off it, quite a fiddly and drawn out job. Then husband Andrew glued the spindles back in and re-screwed the screws in to make the rockers secure.

Next , my daughter Shona gave it a couple of coats of undercoat, this part took ages as the top had to be done, then when it was dry, 24 hours later, it had to be turned upside down for the rockers and the base to be done. It had two coats.

We had to get the paint especially mixed as we could only find satinwood paint in pale baby pink, or deep burgundy. We opted for a Cotton Candy shade in satin so it wasn't too shiny. Again two coats, with lots of drying time inbetween.

I found a gorgeous grey material with a silver flower pattern which reflects every colour it is close to. From this I made a pad for the seat of the chair, and there was enough left for a little scatter cushion. I added two complimenting cushions from Morrisons, in Silver with Beads, and Burgundy.

She loved it :)....and I get my dining room back !!

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