Saturday, 13 June 2009

Crocheting a Bag

Years and years many to mention, my Mother taught me to crochet. I started basic with the coloured squares with random scraps of wool, any thickness and every colour of the rainbow.

A couple of days ago my interest was pricked again, looking at a friends photos on Facebook, she had made a gorgeous crochet bag, have to have a go at that, I thought.

Nipped into town and bought some wool - when I say 'some', it was actually 2 carrier bags full, but I had to make sure I had a good selection of colours didn't I ? :)

Anyway.... here is the owner of the pattern.....

And here is the base of my first bag........

I think, perhaps, I have picked a bit too bright colours, maybe next time I shall tone them down a little :) Just in case you cannot see the colours, it is purple, mustard, coral pink and turquoise blue.

1 comment:

  1. ooooooooo looking mighty fine!!!!
    Personally I think the colours are fabulous, they work so well together. It's going to look amazing.
    Happy hooking!


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