Monday, 24 August 2009

Chunky Wrist Warmers

I know it's not yet winter, but I was wool shopping, and spotted this gorgeous random chunky wool.

"What can I do with that" I thought to myself, luckily the shop had some patterns hanging around, and you could get a free photocopy of a pattern if you bought some wool. Result !

So this was what I ended up with, chunky wrist warmers in a random shade of burgundies. I nipped over the road from the wool shop to the craft shop and bought these huge wooden buttons to adorn them with - mainly so I would remember which way to put them on :)

They work great, lovely toasty warm hands, and free wiggly fingers :)

Have already started another pair, all of my mates with end up with these for Christmas no doubt........unless I get bored :)

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