Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A distaster in the Kiln !

I was in such a good mood this morning, expecting to come into work and find some gorgeous glass handkerchief bowl. I have made a few in the past so I should know what I am doing - you would think !!
Instead I lifted the lid and my heart sunk. It looked like a glass explosion, I had forgotten to change the kiln setting and left them to get so hot that they totally collapsed into a motlen lump.

Even my beautifully planned dish came out wonky.

Big intake of breath, puff out the chest, grab the hoover, clean the kiln and start again !

Now what could I make out of this? :)


  1. Oh no! what a shame!
    The dish still looks good though!

  2. How big is it? Could make a funky bangle if it's that kind of size (and any sharp edges on the inside were taken off - no trips to A&E please!) :)

  3. Oh no what a shame, I still love the bowl its really beautiful, who's to say it wasnt intentional!! ♥


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