Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Candy Fleur Cuff

The colour challenge for the Bead Buddies forum this month was Candy shades of Mint Green, White, Pale Blue, Lemon, Lilac and Pink.

To incorporate a lot of colours I think you need something bold and fussy, so I set about making this..... which I have named Candy Fleur Cuff.

Each little flower took between 15-60 minutes to make. In total, this piece took around 10 hours to make.

I made them in all different sizes, shapes and colours, then made a plain Peyote Cuff in Lilac for the base and sewed them all on.

For the clasp, I found a fabulous Mother Of Pearl pink button in a flower shape, then sewed a beaded flower on the top. It fastens with a simple loop sewn onto the opposite end.

I like to do "big" projects with no metal parts, therefore removing the risk of tarnish and allergies.

I enjoyed making this cuff, but I don't think I will be doing another for a little while :)

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