Saturday, 15 May 2010

UFBO - Gone wrong !!!

One of my many UFBO - now finished.

UFBO stands for Un-Finished Beady Object. I am notorious for starting things, and never finishing them.

My bead box is full of half-finished Beaded projects, but the real issue is, when I pick them up again months and months later, I can never find the beads I was working with at the time. This means I have to totally adapt the pattern and find something different to do with it.

This can be quite fun though, it's like having a platform to start from.

Anyway, the middle section of this necklace is a Peyote Spiral stitch, which is in green, cream, gold and brown, was the bit residing in my bead box, waiting to be finished. Of course I couldn't find the original beads - except the brown and cream, so a compromise was rapidly needed.

I attached a brown beaded spiral peyote to each end, but then found I was running out of beads, so had to swap to cream. I finished it off with a real copal amber bead to fasten.

Then I thought I was quite happy with it, until I spotted something........ on one side the brown section was thicker than the other. I had added one to many beads. Now you might not spot it, but now I have noticed it, it is irritating the life out of me !!!

Argghhhhhhhhhh. Oh well, sod it, it will have to stay like that, I aint pulling all that out !

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