Sunday, 22 August 2010

A fiddly twiddly pendant.

Had a colour challenge to complete, in colours I would not normally ever put together, for fear of it looking too "Union Jacky". The colours are Red, Navy, White and Pale Blue.

So I started with a circle of beads in Herringbone Stitch, added a frill and thought it looked a bit boring. I made a second, slightly larger one in Brick Stitch, and again added a frill. Then I sewed them together with a pale blue glass pearl. The nice bit is that they swivel - a pendant you can fiddle with !!

Originally I was going to add this to a netted cuff bracelet, but once I had completed it I thought it would be a little heavy and wouldn't sit right, so an alternative plan was needed.

I decided on using it as a focal piece in a necklace.

The "chain" part is RAW stitch (Right Angle Weave) with a peyote toggle to fasten.

Oh, and here is the netted cuff, I think it is quite nice just on it's own :)

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