Saturday, 7 August 2010


This cute little duckie was designed for a challenge, funnily named "DUCKS".

Unfortunately I was a bit tardy and therefore a day or so late to get the piece in to be judged, but I decided she needed to be finished anyway :)

So let me introduce ....... Gertie The Giddy Duck. She is off for a walk in the sun, making sure she has her sunhat on so she doesn't get sunstroke, and of course she has her favourite pink bow around her neck.

Gertie is a brooch, I have sewn a little brooch pin to the back, and she looks so cute just marching across someones jacket.


  1. Aww Sooz, Gertie duckie made my day, smiling and laughing in equal measure now. She's adorable! You come up with such fab ideas!:-)


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