Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Disaster in the kiln !

I am officially a muppet, yep, a bone-fida , slap my own head, stamp my feet in temper, muppet !!

What did I do?

Well, I spent a whole afternoon cutting glass, designing a couple of large wall-hangings, loads and loads of fused glass pieces for cabochons and pendants.  Filled my kiln up edge to edge, and went to bed quite excited about what I would find the next day.

What did I find? A whole load of cracked pieces, all because stupidly, I have picked up the wrong Millefiori and used it with incompatible glass. This means the glass seperates and cracks - in time the Millefiori will just fall away. It all has to go in the bin. 

You should be able to see what I mean from the piccies below.

What a shame, I really liked these ones too.

I am so annoyed with myself, for the lots and lots of wasted glass, for the wasted night in the kiln, for the wasted afternoon in the shed, and for being so dim for not checking.
Lesson learnt !


  1. oh no thats bad luck sooz, hope it works out next time cos there were some lovely pieces there xx

  2. Oh well, onwards and upwards, as they say :)

  3. what a shame ... I love that lavenderish colour ...

  4. Those were my favs too Margret.


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