Tuesday, 31 January 2012

So.... did YOU win the hat?

I am so sorry this is late, the Hat Draw.....


.... was supposed to be drawn on Friday, but my memory not being what it used to be I totally forgot.  (Someone should have nudged me  ;) )

Anyway, I have knuckled down and I am happy to announce we have a winner...

The rules were people had to either "like" or comment on the hat of their choice, so first I had to draw which hat would be given away.  I used the "Fruit Machine" random name generator and the hat was.......

The GREY one.

So, as there was only one person that commented on this particular hat, there was no need for a second draw.

I am therefore please to announce the winner as HELEN BAIRD !!

Well done Helen, I will be in touch to sort out delivery.

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