Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Kit-Kat Project.

I got this from a friend many many moons ago, but was reminded of it just the other day during a forum discussion.  Of course the other forum members wanted to know what it was that you could do with a Kit-Kat and a brew, so I promised to write a tutorial  :)

So, first of all buy a 4 finger Kit-Kat (you only need one finger, or perhaps two, maybe three) but mistakes can happen ;)

As carefully as you can so not to snap the fingers, break them apart.  Now look down the sides and choose the one with the most chocolate down the edges, if you see too much wafer, then this will not work as the air gets through too quickly.

Nibble the chocolate off each end.

Make yourself a nice hot brew, to your own specifications  (we used a glass mug for photographic purposes,, any mug will do)

Dip the end of your Kit-Kat finger into the brew, count to 5........

........ then suck like mad!!

You will get a hot-chocolatey mouthful of brew!

After three or four good sucks, you need to just swallow up the chocolate as it is a bit warm and soggy by then.

Repeat as often as you like / can.

It also works with Twix, but you have to suck extra hard to melt the caramel  :)

Let me know if you try it.

***Thanks to Iain for being my model/guinea pig***


  1. Nice.... I have tea, just going to nip out for a kit kat...

  2. lol
    only you mad bunch would try something like that

  3. Let me know if you try it.

  4. Heheheeh...I wasted my Kit Kat earlier then, just ate it!!

  5. I've done that with a spira before ;)


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