Sunday, 4 March 2012

My New Coat

Wandering around charity shops looking for clothing and materials to use in my many projects, I can across a lovely coat.

What attracted me was the feel, it is so soft and snuggly, like a heavy dressing gown with lining.  In a lovely rich Charcoal shade of grey.  The material was a mix of Alpaca and Wool.

I looked in the label and it had two tags, "Made In Britain" which I though was quite unusual, and the name "Marilyn Moore".

I tried it on, put it back, then tried it on again.  Then had a fight with my conscience, would I regret going home without it?  I decided I would, so I bought it for Five shiny pounds.

I thought it might be vintage, as it seemed to be 1940's style and cut, and the "Made In Britain" tag looked like it might be old, so I Googled the name. Turns out it wasn't vintage, but very modern, made in 1940's style, and designer.  The best bit is Marilyn Moore's work sells for a lovely price, take this similar jacket at £499  :)  I think I got myself a bargain.

The thing that nearly put me off buying it was the buttons.

 I just didn't care for them at all, so I took the scissors to them an snipped them off.  I bought some red (plastic) shimmery ones and popped them on instead.

Then I found a sequinned butterfly, so I sewed that onto the collar.

So, my new coat  :)  I am sure I will get a lot of wear out of it.


  1. It was a great bargain, but why would you have removed those gorgeous vintage buttons? Maybe I am just too deep into how collectible vintage buttons are, so this may be a reason for my post. The red does make a design difference with the coat and this coat is now best suited to be worn only with apparel that matches, so it still is a great find!

  2. Would you like the buttons Erin?

  3. I would love to own them, but maybe you should trim them with a bit of beading and use them as a clasp part for one of your beading designs!

  4. If you would like them, they are yours :) Then we both got a great deal out of a bargain designer coat. Email me at

  5. Nice coat Sooz, I do like the red shiny buttons, sorry Erin, I would have chopped them off to!


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