Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I have some news to share with you.  I have a new job!

Yep, you read correctly, I have a new job.  At Hobbycraft.  What could be more perfect for a crafter?

I wasn't even aware that I was looking for a job, I know that sounds a bit daft, but driving past an empty store in Carlisle, I noticed that there was a Hobbycraft sign outside.  I could hardly contain my excitement on the way home....Carlisle, getting a Hobbycraft!  Whoop.

Whenever we go anywhere in the UK, I find myself Googling, finding and visiting the nearest HC,  there is always something 'new' to try in there. Last time I bought resin, still not used it but plan to...

Anyway, I digress. So I went on the HC website to see when the shop was to open, and found the 'jobs' link.  Light bulb moment, I could happily work there, I thought, so I filled in the online application, ended up being invited for an interview and, much to my delight, was offered a job.

I will be just working a couple of 4 hour shifts a week, which is perfect for me with all the other stuff I do.  The Bead Shed has been quite quiet since the Royal Mail price increases, so it will be a nice change to be out, mixing with other people, and getting paid for the pleasure  :)

If you are local to Carlisle, check out the Hobbycraft website, they are offering a free gift to the first 100 people through the door on Saturday 8th Sept.  You might be a lucky one.

If you see me there, come up and say ' Hi'  :)


I would love to hear from you, questions, comments and salutations all welcome.