Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rosie - The Deco-Patch Bear.

Not quite my first attempt at Deco-Patch, as I have done a couple of bedside table lamps - but they are still a work in progress and a blog will follow about them once completed.

So, this is a cardboard formed bear, ready for Deco-Patching.

Deco-Patch is literally tearing up patches of patterned tissue paper (other papers will also work) and sticking them onto your item with PVA (or special deco-patch) glue.

I had to work in stages to allow the bear to dry, as I was getting glue all over the place.

But, don't you just love covering your hands in PVA, leaving it to dry, then pealing it all off?  It can't be just me, surely?

When she was complete she had to sit in a most peculiar manner to dry completely.

I then decided that she didn't quite look 'finished' enough, that although she was very colourful and pretty, she needed a few more additions.

I added a Swarovski Cabochon for her eyes - how they sparkle.

Felt pads for her feet.

And a couple of flowers for her hair  :)

I found some matching coloured plastic gems to stick on her paws as they looked a bit 'bare' (geddit?).

Then tied two ribbons around her neck.

Now all she needed was a name ....... ROSIE!

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