Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Knitting with Rococo Yarn.

In Hobbycraft we have this yarn for sale  - Rococo, by Wendy.

It is pretty, curly, and sparkly as it is dotted with sequins, and I thought we needed a sample to help sell the yarn.

So I took a ball home.

On the inside of the label was a pattern for a very simple 10 stitch scarf and the suggested needle size, so I thought I would work with that.

Illustration on the label...

Actual yarn...

Now, the difference with Rococo (also Can-Can yarn + others) is that you knit into the SIDE. 

It is not a yarn for speed-knitters as you need to concentrate and make sure each loop is caught on the needle.  And it is an absolute PAIN IN THE BUTT if you drop a stitch, you simply cannot find it again!  Trust me, I had to start afresh.

Still, it makes up into a beautiful crinkly, sparkly tube shaped scarf, very classy.

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