Saturday, 1 September 2012

Needle Felted Bag

Another little project made for Carlisle's new Hobbycraft store.

The brief was very basic - decorate this bag.

What to do?  I took a look in my vast craft cupboards and found some felting wool,  Hobbycraft sells a similar wool, and the tools to do this project, so that was perfect.

Tools needed then are something to felt onto, a foam board underneath to stab into (I use a garden kneeling pad, I find they work well and only cost £1.00 from Morrisons)  A felting needle (you can also buy a tool to hold a few needles, which would have been easier for this project). and felting wool.

I started by drawing a heart - badly, but never mind, it would be soon covered with wool.

You take a piece of wool, stretch it out a little, then simple STAB, STAB, STAB into the bag (with the foam pad inside so it doesn't go right through).

I carried on until the heart was done, then I added another row (just coz I could)

Once done it looked a little bare in the centre, so I took some scraps of wool, rolled them into a ball and stabbed it into the middle of the heart.

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