Friday, 18 September 2015

Easy (not so scary) Ghost

I just made these cute little ghosts for a Halloween display at work.

I found the tutorial online ages ago and memorised it, but can't find it again to link to - so apologies for that, but here are the instructions as I roughly remembered them.   (sorry to the original designer for not crediting you, if you know who you are, shout out!)

So, you need a styrofoam ball (any size) some styrofoam glue (as some other glues can melt the styrofoam), a piece of ribbon for hanging, a Sharpie pen and some see-through-ish fabric.  I used Muslin and some scissors.

Draw a ghosty face on the ball and colour it in with the permanent marker.

Next, take something to make a small thin hole in the top of the ball. I used a knitting needle, but anything thin and pointy will do.

Put a blob of glue in the hole and poke in both ends of your ribbon.  Leave to dry.

Cut your fabric into a square. The bigger the square, the floatier your ghost will be. (is 'floatier' even a word?)

Fold the square into half, and half again, then snip off a tiny corner where all the folded points are.  This will make a little hole.

Thread the ribbon on top of your ghost ball up through the hole.

Take your scissors and snip away at the fabric to make it looks frayed and tatty.

And hang it up!   

It's that simple, but so effective.  And a little bit cute, which I guess ghosts are really not supposed to be.

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