Friday, 11 September 2015

Halloween Costume/Poncho - Free Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to come up with a Halloween cape/poncho for the Hobbycraft blog.   I was sent a nice pile of fabrics including netting with spider webs on it, which is super cute.

The brief was to make it for an 8yr old, which was a wee bit tricky as I don't have an 8yr old, and my manequin, Claudette, is a little well endowed in the chest department to get a good measurement off   ;)

So, I borrowed a neighbours child, took a few measurements and got to work.

It is really easy to make and you can adapt the pattern to suit a different theme - like make it in purple to be a wizard, or in white to be a snowflake for Christmas.

It is up on the Hobbycraft Blog right now, with step-by-step photograph instructions   :)  Oh, as some of you may know I have a slight aversion to feathers, so the mask isn't one of my creations   :)

Let me know if you make one.

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